Friday, September 30, 2005

Shit for Brains

“I’m making a big poop,” Satchel informs me from his throne as I fold laundry on the bed.

“That’s great honey,” I say in my ever-supportive voice. (No one tells you how supportive you become as a mother!)

“When you get done, you need to hurry up and eat your breakfast so we aren’t late for school,” I prod. (No one tells you how much prodding you will do as a mother!)

“I can’t eat anymore because then I’ll need to poop again and my brains will fall out,” he says matter of factly. (Okay, Bill Cosby did try to tell me that kids say the darnedest things!)

1 comment:

Friends of McDougal said...

You know me. Guess who I am.

John Griffin drank dip spit at your house.

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