Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Giving Thanks

On Fridays, Warren and I pick up the boys together. Last Friday I was busy looking at the proofs of their school photos when Warren motioned for me to look at the wall. Above the cubbies on the big bulletin board was an array of white paper plates, decorated like turkeys with the words, “I am thankful for…” As I scanned the plates looking for Satchel’s name, I saw a lot of “I am thankful for my parents.” There was some variation, i.e. some kids were thankful for “Mommy and Daddy,” or “My family,” and one child was thankful for “God.”

Then I saw Satchel’s plate.

It read, “I am thankful for my toys.”


Lone Star Ma said...

I feel that. We did posters on what we were grateful for at First Day school and my daughter put...technology and make up. She doesn't wear make up by the way and her technology use is limited, but apparently it is still more worthy of mention than us, oh yes.

Stephanie said...

Maybe Satchel was trying to be an individual, stand out amid a sea of children kissing up to their parents. . . :)

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