Wednesday, April 18, 2007

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Satchel is very impressionable. He will eat spinach because he wants to be strong. He will eat salad because his favorite cousin loves salad. Ditto on mushrooms.

On my birthday last week, we went to my favorite restaurant, The Memphis Pizza Cafe. Satchel asked, "Do I get to pick the restuarant on my birthday?"

"Sure," I said, reminiscing about all of the restaurants we had dined in over the past year.

On Saturday, after going to McDonald's with his babysitter, Katy, he said, "I want to go to McDonald's on my birthday!"

"Why?" I asked.

"I want another Ninja Turtle toy."

At least he's honest.

I asked him again today and he said, "The Memphis Pizza Cafe! No, I mean CiCi's pizza!"

"Why Cici's Pizza?" I asked.

"They have those cross necklaces!"

(Yes, my son, the little jew with a foreskin, has been wearing a cross necklace he got at CiCi's pizza after Piper started the trend at Evergreen.)

"No, wait, I want to go to Backyard Burgers!" he said.

"Because of the bouncy balls?" I asked.

"Yes," he said cackling.

Finally Warren piped up and said, "What about hibachi? You actually eat at that restaurant."

"Oh yeah, hibachi!" he said.

We'll see...

Speaking of food, Jiro is not impressionable. Well, he will occasionally fall for the "Don't you want to be strong?" routine or cave in and eat a few broccoli florets if it means he's getting ice cream afterwards.

Despite our best efforts, we can't break him of the blue "Wild and Reckless" ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

Really, is there anything more frightening than this?


The resulting blue poop.


I can't tell you how hard it was for me to refrain from posting a picture of that. There's always next time!


ali said...

We once went to a Spiderman b-day party and the boys had resulting pink poop from the saturated red cake.
My boys' post-blue-moon-ice-cream-poop is more greenish, I'd say. Maybe we should take pictures.

Secret Agent Mom said...

Resist, woman. Resist. Put the camera down. Now.

Candice & Andrew said...

To this day I cannot eat ANY blue food because of a royal blue cookie monster cake at a birthday party I went to when I was about seven. Jiro is a very strong young man. The blue poop and green pee terrified me!!

mrsmogul said...

I can imagine BLUE POOP!! Don't take me there LOL

RJA said...

There is no blue food.

Secret Agent Mom said...

Yuh-huh there is. Blueberries. And Smurfs.

warren said...

...and blue playdough.

Which is exactly what Jiro's poop looked like.

ali said...

Good God "Warren." I was all like, hey, Stacey's husband has a blog! Let's check it out...
Where the hell did you find an official poop website?!?

And then I read it and found it kind of interesting.

Stacey Greenberg said...

lol, from warren's website:

"But another source of blue poop in children is more innocent: it can come from eating a concentrated source of blue food coloring such as ice cream."

Stacey Greenberg said...

oh and candice--my twin sis and i had that cookie monster cake on our 5th birthday. my mom was horrified when it stained our faces and hands and returned it half eaten!

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