Sunday, May 27, 2007

A few pictures...

The kids had their end of the school program last week. (Apparently there was an Hawaiian theme that no one told me about.) It was great to see the monkeys on stage, smiling and participating, rather than acting all shy. Turns out Warren and I could also participate since the monkeys have been singing, "Happiness runs in a circular motion..." non-stop for the past several weeks.

Yesterday the monkeys had their first Putt Putt experience thanks to Drew and his birthday party. The Putt Putt on Summer is like a monkey wonderland--video games, putt-putt, go-karts, pizza, candy, and little tiny toys you can get in exchange for skeeball tickets.

I thought the actual playing of Putt Putt would take forever, but the monkeys raced through it with little interest in actually following any rules.

The go-karts were by far the highlight. Satchel jumped in like he'd been driving all of his life. It was a little alarming! Thankfully Jiro was in a cautious mood and declined getting behind the wheel. (I'm not sure his legs would have reached the gas peddle anyways.)

Oh and despite being accused of telling people in person to read my blog for the full story, in the case of this birthday party, it's definitely a story I'd rather tell without a world wide transcript!

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Sweet Sassy Molassy said...'re taking babysteps up to being NASCAR fans or what?

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