Thursday, June 21, 2007

Digging with Monkeys

Rhodes is currently holding a field school at the Ames Plantation about 60 miles outside of Memphis. The field school is headed by an Evergreen parent ("Jonah's dad"). Therefore the Evergreen elementary kids took a field trip to the plantation. Since the little ones weren't invited, Warren took the monkeys along with him a few days later.

I opted to go to the office rather than tag along. When I asked Warren if the monkeys behaved he said, "Sort of." When I saw the pictures he took I couldn't help laughing. I don't think Warren got much "work" done that day.

An interesting (to me, anyway) side note: If you ask Jiro who is best friend at school is, he will answer "Jonah" nine times out of ten. How cute is it that both Jiro and Jonah have an archaeologist dad?


Stephanie said...

If I were a student, I would definitely be taking that class this summer! It looks amazing.

lorin said...

i used to clean Jonah's house. sweet kid, and cool parents - jiro and jonah are lucky - they can be like indiana jones!

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