Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The SGRRC Zine

So our stapling party never happened last Friday. The zine was still at the printer's when I showed up for class, long-armed stapler in hand. Jessi had the great idea of making little envelopes and putting fortunes in them to wedge between the staples of the final zine. We had a great time doing this--especially me, the old dog learning a new trick.

I left after lunch with a promise of a phone call by Anna, the director, as soon as the zine was printed. I planned to rush over and get it stapled before graduation later that evening. At about 4:45pm I got a text message that said, "They are all here and they are all in color!"


I ran over and found that not only were they in color, but they were stapled too. AND they looked freaking awesome!! I rushed around the Gibson trying to find Jessi so that we could put the fortunes in. As I went from room to room I happened upon each of the bands squeezing in one final practice. It was awesome to see everyone playing and singing. I had only been around in the mornings for panel discussions, workshops, and lunch and really missed out on the actual ROCK AND ROLL aspect of the camp.

I found Jessi on the roof with her band, The Klassix. (Each band had a band manager who was a volunteer.) She was super psyched about the zine, but needed to stay with her band. I found another volunteer, Tommy Kha, wandering around and convinced him to help me put the fortunes in the zines. We dashed over to the Lounge where we found several more volunteers anxiously awaiting graduation. Everyone oohed and aahed over the zine making me feel very proud.

On Saturday at the Showcase, Kelley, the founder, actually said to me, "I got a chance to sit down and read the zine last night and it is the best one we've ever had."

I swear!

And she meant it!

There were only 50 copies printed, of which I got one and the 40+ campers got the others. I think. I did notice a few zines for sale at the Showcase for $3.

I'm tempted to post a picture of every single page here so you can see it in all of its glory, but I'm only going to post a few to give you the idea.

Front cover:

Back cover:

(I forgot to tell Hallie to put the title on the right side of the collage rather than the left, but we all liked how it turned out.)

Top 10 list designed by Hallie with imput from all the girls and another collage by Brannon:

The Country Gals (it isn't blurry in real life)--more about them later!

Centerfold of Ravad 74 and the lyrics to the song they wrote for the Showcase:

Teachers and Contributors pages (text by me, drawings by Jessi):

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