Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I know it is Elvis Week and 105 degrees outside, but I have to say that downtown looks really trashed. And there’s not just trash lying around. There’s lots and lots of bottles, cans and other recyclables. Today when I walked down Main Street from my office to the bank I couldn’t help but think that it was a pretty sad state of affairs. I thought that yesterday too when I cut through two buildings I don’t usually cut through and had to avert my eyes so that I wouldn’t end up back at work with my arms full of dirty, stinky, empty bottles.

Coincidentally, on both of these walks I couldn’t help noticing a few of the local panhandlers who have been making the news of late.

Then it hit me.

Panhandlers (i.e. people who are in search of small amounts of money on a frequent basis) + a nearby Recycling Depository (that pays cash) = No (recyclable) trash downtown, less aggressive/persistent panhandlers, and happier tourists/downtown residents/workers/Al Gore ethusiasts.

It could work.


RJA said...

What color is the sky in your world?

Melissa said...

I thought Caleb was going to cry yesterday when he got the flyer on our trashcan that said we could start recycling cardboard. I think you two need to have a summit meeting.

Stephanie said...

And just like that, I'm on board!

pablo picasso said...

Apathetic azure?
Cynical sable?
Morose mauve?

...definitely not

Cathy White said...

I thought homeless people everywhere were hip to the recycling thing? Do you actually get money back in Tennessee?

I guess you're getting out hot weather. It's been weirdly livable here all summer.

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