Thursday, August 23, 2007


When I was pregnant with Satchel, my mom and I went to Goldsmith's and bought a nice, green sofa, chair, and ottoman. They were extremely comfortable and I thought they would be something Warren would like.

I was wrong.

There's a chance that he might have liked them if I bothered to consult him before purchasing them. But I did not.

And I've been hearing about it for six years.

So, I told him that once we sold the house we would pick out a new sofa together. We both agreed it would be cool to get a red leather sofa. Having a common vision, we thought it would be an easy purchase.

Wrong again!

So, now instead of just consulting each other, we're consulting you, the Internet. Please weigh in.

We were initially drawn to this one, but it just seems so red. And it seems like if you get a red sofa, you should accent with black. Currently, we have chocolate brown walls in our livingroom that we like very much.

We both really like the way this one looks. It's pretty comfortable to sit in, but neither one of us thinks we could lounge in front of the TV or take a nap on it.

Yep, that's Jiro sipping a Root Beer on it! Right there in the store! Oh my god, what if he tries to eat or drink near it at home?

It even comes in red.

Surprisingly, this is the one that keeps tapping me on the shoulder and waving from the back of the room. Look at me! Look at me! It is very comfortable. Comfortable enough to nap on. The official color is wasabi, which of course, I think is cool. We currently have a green sofa, so I think I could live with the color. Also our fireplace has pale green tiles. It could work. Warren's main concern in that the kids will break out the black Sharpies when we aren't looking.

We could get it in another color, but it would take four months.

Warren hasn't actually seen this one in person. Yet. It's at Sensational Sofas and comes in like 50 different colors. You can choose between microfiber and microvelour, both of which are super soft and stain resistant. Like the fabric was developed at NASA stain resistant. It's also very comfy. And soft. Did I already mention that? (Looking at the pic it seems like a loveseat b/c of the two cushions, but it is a full size sofa.)

Here's a sampling of the available colors--a 30 day turnaround on special orders. I have no idea what color we'd get. I actually like the white. But that's just crazy talk. I also like chocolate brown, dark red, and, of course, green. But hey, I could do something crazy like orange or baby blue.

The main issue is that it doesn't come in leather. I suggested that we get a leather captain's chair or something else leathery to go with it.

So Internet, what do you think?


RJA said...

#2, but without the kid.

Kaleigh said...

I think #2 looks nap-worthy as well. And please don't tell me that red doesn't go with chocolate brown. Because that means my bedroom clashes, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

The wasabi, however, is beautiful. Hide the Sharpies. I can tell you a story about a two-year-old daughter of mine and a one-week-old loveseat. Tragic.

Stephanie said...

I like the #2 in red- I think it would look great with your chocolate walls. I think #3 is the winner though, especially considering your tile.

Shannon said...

i have #1. we love it and it has held up very well. leather is perfect for kids--i wipe it down from time to time. i even have a large white leather recliner--kids don't eat on that.

you may want to check goldsmiths oak court. they have some natuzzi also (the maker of both our couch and our chair). they also have a buy-in option for a 7 year warrenty on all stains and rips--$150. we got that for the white chair.

Shannon said...

p.s. ikea--the shopping experience is fun; but you will want to replace the pieces before long. they just aren't really made to last.

Chip said...

I'll be the odd one and say that I like #4 the best. In some funky color though-- white just wouldn't make it long, stain-resistant or no.

I also am not a huge fan of leather couches-- on a Saturday morning, I just don't like the way they feel.

warren said...

#4, hmmmm... wonder what that feels like on a Saturday morning. I'm just not convinced about microfiber--it sounds like something that you would add to your drink in the morning to stay regular; and I dread that a few years from now microfiber will be the new pleather/nagahyde (weren't those NASA inventions too?). But you know what? i'll go check it out. We may have to hang out at Shannon's for a few days to do some participant-observation.

Oh, and whatever we get has to be cool enough to not bum out the whimsical 6-ft Sackdaddy beanbag lounger that will be sharing the room with.

katherine said...

#3. wasabi and chocolate brown...yummy! here's a heads up about microfiber--hair and fuzz and lint all stick to it and are hard to get off, but red wine will come right out!

Candice said...

Yeah, dog hair is especially difficult to get off micro-fiber!
My mom got a beautiful leather set at Macy's last year, At first I was skeptical- animals and grandchildren ranging in ages newborn to 8 could be tough on such nice funiture! All the pieces are different colors and are surprisingly comfortable for leather!!! And very durable. She keeps it clean with Method leather wipes I believe. So I vote for leather if you feel like you can lounge on it.

Hope said...

as one more likely to sleep on the couch, we need depth. I like #3 for that matter, I can picture awesome pillows, I loved #4 in a caramel or aupe, but bummer about the space age material.... Can't NASA develop an awesome application for dog hair?

cathy white said...

#2 does look hard to nap in, but I think you NEED leather. I wish I had leather. I got stain resistant microvelour, and it looks like shit. You need something you can wipe clean. That ages well. Leather leather leather.

Did I mention that we pulled up the warranty on our stain resistant couch and they offered to buy us out rather than honor the warranty?

Did I sell you on the leather yet?

Secret Agent Mom said...

Hmm, I've had no dog hair issues with our microfiber couch (although there is a sort of buffed-out area where Giganto the Wondermutt leans against it), and it is the most stain-proof stuff I've ever seen. Ours is regularly exposed to all sorts of stainy stuff, including blood (don't ask), and every single thing has come out using nothing more than a damp paper towel. Haven't tried a Sharpie on it, though.

Personally, I think leather couches are too cold to be cozy, but that could be because the only ones I've been on were in Minnesota. In December.

Hagar said...

There ya go, how bout a fur couch? baby harp seal white sounds grand, and I'm sure it's spill proof....though I don't know about bloodstains.

Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

I like #4 also. The green would look really good with your walls and I agree that it would be more comfy than leather.

And hey, Warren, have you met your kids? In 4 years that couch will be toast anyway.

Paula said...

I have #1, and we love it. It was one of the cheaper options at Ikea, and it works well in our relatively small living room. We also got a couple of black leather chairs there. I think it would be fine with chocolate brown, especially if you could find some coordinating throw pillows.

With three kids, I'm all about the leather. The boys (now 13 and 16) destroyed two fabric couches in no time. Now when my 6 year-old daughter spills milk on the couch, it's not a tragedy.

As a longtime lurker and fan of your zine, thanks for continuing to write!

Elizabeth Alley said...

first of all, red couch & brown walls totally work, according to my living room.
i resisted leather forever but now i am all about the leather furniture. our couch is totally comfy and napable. we nearly every meal on it and it is fine - i just wipe it down every now & then and it is beautiful.

Shannon said...

#1 isn't from ikea--at least mine isn't. it is from scan.

come right on over and hang out. we can take you.

leather does get cold in the winter. i end up using a blanket to turn into a burrito when on the sofa.

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