Friday, September 14, 2007

Court Square

Wednesday we attended our first ever Court Square Concert for a couple of reasons: 1) Giant Bear was playing and 2) the weather was awesome. Warren picked up the monkeys and their bikes and met me at my office. We walked over to Court Square around 6:00pm where we met up with the rest of the Monkey Wranglers.

The monkeys immediately ran towards the fountain and spent the bulk of the evening freeing crickets from the water and trying to take a swim when no one was looking, completely oblivious to any music going on. Considering that the band was sequestered in the pavilion and 85% hidden from view by giant speakers, I can't say I blame them. (At least the giant speakers allowed us to hear the band.)

I've heard that the Court Square concerts are called "Bands, bums, and beer" (or a close equivalent) and it was easy to see why. Mixed among the Men in Suits, Giant Bear diehards, bloggers, and Rock-n-Rompers were several of downtown's increasingly well known panhandlers. None of them bothered us (except for a dude in a wheelchair outside Walgreen's who challenged Jiro to a race), but it did lend a weird vibe to the scene.

There were lots of people in pith hats walking around to give directions, but no cops. I both laughed and held my breath as GK toddled among the crowd indiscriminately greeting the revelers.

There were a smattering of tables and chairs set up in front of the pavilion, a beer hut, and a mother/son team selling hot dogs and soft drinks. We sat on a blanket in the grass and had our own snacks, but Satchel did weasel a $5 hot dog and Sprite out of Warren while I was across the tracks at Quizno's begging for use of their toilet. (Port-a-johns were set up at the event, but I'd rather beg for a real toilet.)

Since it was a school night and we were all mildly cranky from a hard day's work and hunger, we left after the first set around 7:30pm. On the way back to the car, we once again passed Walgreens. Our handicapped friend was gone, but in his place were three other "gentlemen" who took a moment to introduce the "N" word to the monkeys. Repeatedly. (They were fighting.)

Looking at the schedule, I'm mildly interested in returning for Free World in October, but based on the lack of law enforcement and sketchiness of the short walk to and from the car, I will probably wait and get my local music fix at the sunshine and lollipop filled Rock-n-Romp.

My camera battery died moments after taking the photo at the top.


Courtney said...

I was seriously thinking about going to this, but I'm a huge wimp and since Charlie teaches Wednesday nights, I couldn't see going at it alone. It seems like it could be such a family-friendly concert series, I might be up for it in October ....

Chip said...

Hey, a little bum-education never hurt a kid. Those guys have lots of wisdom to dole out.

warren said...

yeah, they know where to find all the cool shtuff.

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