Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Status Report

Satchel has been officially dubbed "The Fly Catcher." He can grab them with his bare hands and enjoys doing so immensely. We always have a nice supply in our kitchen for unknown reasons. He catches them one by one and then places them into a spider web in the kitchen window. Oh but not just any spider web, it's Arrow, his "pet" spider's web. Arrow likes Satchel very much. She's laid eggs and plans to stay awhile.

One night we had about ten flies in the kitchen and Satchel, knowing Arrow couldn't possibly eat them all, trapped each one under a glass. As they died one by one he put them in the web.


Jiro is having a love/hate relationship with me right now. He learned the "I hate you!" from big brother, who apparently caught a case of it at school. Whenever something doesn't go his way, Jiro pouts and says, "I hate you!" Despite stern warnings, lectures, and soap in the mouth, he continues with this phrase. (Satchel has eliminated it from his vocabulary.)

On the flip side, Jiro is just as likely to run up out of nowhere, hug you, and declare, "I love you." Now, if you've met Jiro you know he has a way with words. They way he says "love" is very lilting and adorable. "I looobe you" is more like it.


On the home front we are still deliberating over rugs. I have one in mind but have to sit on it (mentally) for a month before I'm allowed to order it since I've changed my mind so many times. Until then, we just spend our time piled up on the enormous bean bag island afloat in an Oriental sea.

The leather sofa hasn't been totally abandoned though:

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Stephanie said...

Have you really done soap in the mouth? Not judgmental, just curious.

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