Sunday, October 07, 2007

We all scream for Ice Cream!

I thought I'd follow up my Spanish Inquisition post with a picture of my children throwing themselves in the street just for a tasty treat.

Actually, this is a story of our neighborhood ice cream man. (No, not the incredibly awesome Ghetto Ice Cream Man.)

When we first moved in, we would hear the unmistakable ringing of the Ice Cream Man and rush out to the front, only to see him turn on the street behind our house or zip past us on his way to the park. The monkeys found this very disconcerting.

Finally, on a day that the TV wasn't on 40+ we heard him waaaaaay down at the other end of the street. Thanks to the hordes of children who live on this street, we had plenty of time to walk down and meet the truck before it barreled past our house.

The monkeys were thrilled.

We we meandered up to the window, I was somewhat stunned to find myself uttering the following words:

"We live on the corner and we want you to come by our house!"

The ice cream man was most apologetic and said he didn't realize that any children lived in our house.

You can guess what happened next. He dutifully came by our house every.single.evening. Fine, fine. It was fine. We're actually out and about so much that he eventually gave up on us again.

A couple of Saturdays ago we were in the backyard when we heard the siren song. By the time we ran through the house, grabbed some cash, and stationed ourselves out front, the ice cream man was long gone. We could see him zooming towards East Parkway.

"He went to the park!" Satchel lamented while stomping his foot in disgust. Jiro shook his fists at the gods.

I looked at my monkeys' downtrodden faces and bare feet. I felt my pocket to see if I had my keys. "Get in the car," I said.

We drove over to the park and pulled in right next to the ice cream truck.

"You're still too fast for us!" I teased him, only feeling slightly pathetic for chasing him. (The monkeys thought this was the coolest thing I ever did.)

Once again he was most apologetic. And guess what? He's baaaaack. Every.single.night.

Warren said he heard him three times today!

But it isn't just us, there are a lot of very loyal customers on our street. None of whom can boast that they've chased the Ice Cream Man to the park though, I'm sure!

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Stephanie said...

Chloe is scared to death of our ice cream man, so we were able to avoid the ice cream screaming most of the summer. I do feel guilty when he comes in our cove, though, since we have the only kids in it.

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