Sunday, November 11, 2007


This time last year, my little family was lucky enough to be included in the Zanone family ravioli making. It was just about the most awesome thing we did all year.

Thankfully, we received another invite this year. I didn't want to get my hopes up since I was sure that there was no way it could be as fun as it was the first time. So I told myself to stay calm and not expect too much.

I had to work all morning Saturday and, despite my "don't get excited" mantra, I was antsy with anticipation. I couldn't wait for the clock to strike 1:00pm, rush home, pick up the boys, and get my ravioli on.

I came home to the most insane toy disaster I had ever seen. Worse even than the post-cocktail evening carnage that is de riguer for the 8+ kids who usually attend. It was like they decided to see what their room would look like after the apocalypse.

The monkeys must have known that I wouldn't punish them with "No ravioli party for you" because it would mean no ravioli party for me.

After finally getting the mess cleaned up we headed to Castillo Alley for the festivities around 2:30pm. The minute I walked in, the stress of the toy disaster dissipated. I eased into my chair at the table, sprinkled some flour in front of me, selected my "tool," waited for RJA to hand me my "wad," and got to work.

The afternoon was filled with smack talk, iced tea with just a touch of vodka, and lots of laughs. Of course, I easily managed to have an even better time than last year.

Highlights of the day:

1. Seeing RJA in his wife beater tee
2. Eating
3. Snuggling Hammy and later seeing him sleep in his sling while Andria made ravioli
4. Eating
5. Discovering that Satchel turned his leftover dough into a "baby" he carried around in his sweatshirt pouch
6. Eating
7. Brian's balls
8. Eating
9. Being deemed #2 by Aunt Elizabeth
10. Eating
11. Harlow waving at everyone as she ate
12. Eating
13. Being in the same room with almost everyone on my blogroll
14. Eating

The only thing missing was Warren, who was home sick. To console myself, I reminded myself that at least he wasn't home working on the deck like last year!

Best of all, Chip and Shannon both took a lot of awesome pictures!


Elizabeth Alley said...

I think you made #9 up after all of that vodka with a splash of iced tea.

RJA said...

No, I specifically remember you calling her Number Two.

Heather said...

how did i miss the whole vodka in the tea bit?

Elizabeth Alley said...

you were too busy drinking wine.

Kristy said...

We enjoyed having you, as always. SO next up, sushi-making party at your house?

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