Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mailbox Action

There has been a stream of very cute and witty Christmas/Holiday Cards filling up our mailbox. (Ours will be going out late per usual!) I love getting things other than junk mail and catalogs.

Not that I'm picking favorites, but I have to say that I let out a little squeal when I opened the Grant Family Holiday CD yesterday. Robby Grant, of Vending Machine and Rock-n-Romp fame, makes a CD every year along with his kids and friends. He's really outdone himself and I've had a hard time turning it off!

Now, I'm only bragging because Robby has four out of the five songs on the CD available to download in MP3 format on his blog. I highly recommend downloading them. You will love them and so will your kids!

And, if you are still last minute shopping, Vending Machine's latest CD King Cobras Do totally rocks the house!

Oh, and speaking of CATALOGS, I just found the mail order equivalent of the "Do Not Call" list: It's most awesome. You can go through their very exhaustive list of catalogs and decline all of the ones that show up unwanted in your mailbox. If you still have a stack of them in your recycle bin it might help to pull them out and check the spelling of your name on the label, determine who's name is on the label, find your customer code, etc. I canceled mine based on my memory and the dream that they all have my name on them spelled correctly. It took about ten minutes and from there it takes ten weeks for everything to get sorted out.

It's totally worth the effort. In addition to saving the planet, you will also save money! I know that flipping through catalogs has caused my wallet to thin out considerably this year.

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