Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yesterday while bagging up leaves, I felt a pop and then a sharp shooting pain all down my left side. I stood moaning until Warren came to my rescue. He helped me inside and I laid down on the bed.

For twenty hours.


I actually wished for a small second that I still had my walker.

I've had back problems in the past--specifically in my SI joints--but since I've started skating in the opposite direction at each practice, I haven't had any major issues. My dad suffered with back problems his whole life and both of my sisters have had episodes like I described above.

I am feel a lot better today. The pain has localized to my hip and is manageable with a small heating pad sticky thing and ibuprofen. I've been trying to figure out what brought this on. I can only guess it was roller derby. Last Sunday I took two hard falls at practice, both right on my ass.

I missed practice today, which sucks since Santa brought me some new skates.

I'm trying not to feel like an old lady.

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Lone Star Ma said...

Ouch. Sorry.

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