Friday, January 04, 2008

Moms Say the Dardenest Things

On Christmas Eve, my sister and I had ourselves in stitches recalling--and trying to spell--the crazy words that our mom makes up when she cannot think of the real word. The funniest part was that my mom didn't realize that some of her made-up words were actually made-up. These words are so ingrained in our family's lexicon that we all sometimes forget that they aren't real words. I really get a good laugh when Warren or one of the kids uses a GiGi word.

We decided that next year we would publish a dictionary of sorts to give my mom as a gift, but once we started listing the words it became apparent that there weren't as many as we thought. Or that we could remember.

So I'm starting a list (in no particular order) that I can update and tweak if necessary throughout the year. (And hopefully entertain my mom with when she starts surfing the Internet at work on Monday.)

Disclaimer: Spellings and definitions are still up for debate amongst the Greenberg women.

GiGi's Words
1. Flumpy--used to describe the blah feeling one gets when sick or tired, but still functioning.
1.5 Flumpydoodle--flumpy and quiet, but content.
2. Flumpeltated--beyond Flumpy, usually confining one to bed (or the sofa, if no TV is in the bedroom).
3. Gasplunkelated--beyond Flumpeltated, may require seeing a doctor.
4. Gasplunkelflunkel--beyond Gasplunkelated, but not requiring hospitalization (aka "Gersplunky Wunky").
5. Ooching--the act of moving toward a warm body at a very slow pace, almost unnoticeable to the naked eye.
6. Yehupsiville--anywhere beyond a 10 mile radius. alt spelling Yahupetsville.
7. Outer Yehupsiville--somewhere so far that a mileage count cannot be determined.
8. Whosiewhatsit--like a whatchamacallit, but more mysterious.
9. Thingybobber--something useful, and out of sight/reach.
10. Floofball--a useless object, usually visible. (aka a "Floozit" or a "Floof")
11. Floofypoof--a useless object, visible to all.
12. Jumble-ated/Jumbletated--mixed up, confused.
13. Lethal Birkenschmucks--sandals (originally Birkenstocks) left out where someone could trip over them.
14. Blucky--combination of Blah & Yucky.
15. Fannytail--a "rear end" belonging to someone under ten.
16. Gazookiehopper--believed by some to be a euphemism for "vagina," gazookiehopper can refer to any illusive object/body part not covered under the scope of floofball, thingybobber, and whosiewhatsit. By far the most popular of all of GiGi's words.
17. Boom-a-daisie/Boomsy-daisie--a fall, usually by a toddler.
18. Poopatated--plain ol' exhausted.
19. Make doh doh--to go to sleep, from the French fait dormir.
20. Flaggie bahgies--things you need to get together for something.
21. Swirly Girly--a little one with lots of energy.
22. Frizzle-Trizzle--sideburns, presumably unkempt.
33. Thudaroonie--a awkward move resulting in a fall of some sort.

Additional Notes
1. My mom has her very own, New Orleans-inspired way of pronouncing "mayonnaise," that you have to hear to really appreciate. It kind of sounds like Maya-Nez. Too bad I can't do an MP3.
2. My mom also gets credit for nicknaming my soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law "Daddy Buttcrack," because, well, it was always in view. (Should you encounter my soon-to-be-ex-brother-in-law on the street, try not to look directly at his hindquarters! You will regret it!)

Once we got going, we realized that our dad had quite a few of his own words, possibly constructed from yiddish phrases he overheard as a child.

PoPo's Words
1. Ungie-ungie--candy.
2. Drukmeister--no-good person, usually someone attempting to infiltrate the family unit.
3. Schmook--no-good person who has infiltrated the family unit, usually in the form of a boyfriend.
4. Schmookie--no-good person who has infiltrated the family unit and since proven himself to have some redeeming qualities.
5. Schtunkie--a stinker, also used as a term of endearment.
6. Verschtunkenah--the condition leading to one becoming a Schtunkie.
7. Drunch--like Linner (Lunch + Dinner), but more lunch-y than dinner-y.
8. Scairt--scared, but in an anticipatory way.

I think for the final product I'll have to use each of these in a sentence.

And make a test.

Satchel's Words
1. Snunch--a small lunch, hardly more than a snack.


Stephanie said...

That's wonderful!

Beverly said...

I once heard mayo pronounced as... was in Arkansas.

Tracey said...

Way to steal my idea SCHTUNKIE!!!!

Poopie said...

i'm crying i'm laughing so hard!
"Goddamn lethal Birkenshmucks!"and what greenberg household does not have a tv in the bedroom?

Schmookie said...

And I thought Jiro made up the word ungie-ungie.

RJA said...

You made up weird words, too. Words like "Jiro."

My kids' mother uses a lot of strange words, too, but none of them are printable.

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