Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Book Report

Who decided to lump Satchel's first ever book report in the same week as his first ever out of town field trip and first ever homemade Halloween costume assignment?

Did it have to be the same week that I have presentations at work nearly every day and two features due--one of which actually involved interviewing people? (Note to self, stick to food and kids.)

And didn't they know it was also the same week as trick or treating, the biggest Rock-n-Romp of the year, and the school's biggest fundraiser?

And why did Jiro pick this week to stay up coughing instead of sleeping?

And of course this is the week that Jiro finally got an appointment to be screened for speech therapy eligibility with the city schools.

And like every week, Warren had class Monday & Tuesday night and Kendo on Wednesday night.


It's been crazy over here!

Somehow (with my help, prodding, encouragement, hollering, and hooting) Satchel finished his book!

And answered all six questions in writing.

And decided to present his book report as a play, which required making a set and puppets.

And actually practiced.

I'm so proud of him. And so glad it's over!! (Well, my part of it anyway.) Good luck today, sweetie!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I love that picture of him writing in the notebook.

What a crazy week!

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