Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Smell Gas!

Today Team Oster starred in a gas safety commercial for MLGW. I work at MLGW and we're doing 18 commercials, so I guess they were desperate enough when they started casting that we got picked! No really, I thought it would be a fun learning experience for the boys. When I say the boys, I'm including Warren. He was by far the most excited one!

We got up extra early and drove out to Brooks Road. The studio we were filming in was the same studio they used for Hustle & Flow, which made us feel extra fancy. We had to bring a whole laundry basket of clothes so that they could make sure we all matched and stood out against the white background. Next we had to get our make-up done. This was almost a deal breaker for me and Satchel, but Warren and Jiro loved it! (For reals.) We all also got to wear hairspray.

Next we went on to the set where we learned our lines. Ok "lines" is an exaggeration since they weren't recording any sound, but we had fake lines we said to each other to keep our "acting" on cue. Basically Warren and the boys smell gas and I walk in, smell it too, and order everyone to evacuate.

The director worked with the boys to perfect their exaggerated fake sniffing. I joked that if we smelled rotten eggs in real life, which is what gas smells like, Warren would first accuse me of farting, then the boys. When we all swore we didn't fart, he'd make us lift up our shoes and prove we hadn't stepped in dog doo. However, the director preferred his own "rabbit faced" sniffing method, so we stuck with that and kept our helpful hints to ourselves.

The boys were surprisingly agreeable through all ten of our takes. I was not at all surprised by Warren's ease in front of the camera and his ability to perfectly do everything the director asked. In fact, Jackie, our make-up artist and Warren's new best friend, was absolutely convinced that Warren was going to be a movie star someday.

Our second scene involved a MLGW worker identifying the gas leak. When he gave us the thumbs up, we were all instructed to clap. You know, just like in real life. Doesn't everyone clap when service people come over and do their jobs? Between takes we goofed off high-fiving each other and cheering. It was fun.

I'm not sure when the commercial will air, but supposedly it'll be on regular channels and play at the Malco Studio on the Square and Paradiso before the movies start.

No autographs, please.


Chip said...

No way the Chockleys could have kept it together on something like this. Farts just crack us up too much.

Hope said...

I would really like to see a pic of them putting makeup on you, please. I tried doing that once and you ran away in tears...

Stephanie said...

It's not just the farts, Chip. We would have spent a lot of time recreating that scene from Friends. "Other kinds of gas smell. . ."

Stacey, I can't wait to see it! You all are awesome!

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