Monday, April 26, 2010

B Team

Last Thursday, Warren and I picked the monkeys up early so that we could go hang out at the Botanic Gardens with the B Team. (The B Team consists of our really good friends Liz and Vanessa and their two adorable children, Miles and Natasha.) We don't get to see them often so we like to pack as much as possible into our short visits.

I knew that they would love the new My Big Backyard exhibit. The playhouses were very popular and so were the potato sacks and hula hoops. Once Natasha woke up from her nap, she only had eyes for Satchel. As you can see from the pictures, the two of them held hands and played sweetly while Jiro and Miles wrestled and went wild. (Check out Natasha's shirt--I've totally got her hooked on Gustafer Yellowgold.)

We hung out for about two hours, then went home for a short rest before going to Sekisui for some dinner. Then Miles came over for a rare school night sleep over. When Miles comes over it's all about playing dress up. Jiro squeezed into a Power Ranger costume we've had forever and Miles alternated between his homemade Cupid and Pink Panther costumes. I think I finally got them in bed by 11pm. They woke up by themselves at 7am and started their Friday off with cartoons, donuts, and kolaches.

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