Monday, May 31, 2010


Friday night was the 3rd annual Zombie March on Beale. Team Oster loves an excuse to paint their faces and scare people, so we were all over it. Warren did a great job of making us look undead with homemade blood and old rice. So good that a nice young zombie woman came up to me and said, "Your wound looks awesome, ma'am." I was really annoyed by this, but the fact that this woman stayed in character longer than any other zombie of the night, allowed me to forgive her for calling me ma'am.

The march is always fun--I love seeing unsuspecting people's reactions. However, I think with all of the publicity this year, most people were expecting us. There were lots of cameras and gawkers. I was also pleased to see how many families are participating in the walk these days. The best part is just seeing how creative everyone gets with their costumes. We saw zombie girl scouts, a zombie Waldo, and even a zombie Jesus. (Actually there might have been two people dressed like a zombie Jesus!)

My only complaint is that it is a little anti-climactic. Once we got to Beale, there wasn't anything to do except turn back towards Ernestine & Hazel's where we started, however, we didn't go back as a group. However, since it was also the South Main Art Night and they had a circus theme going on, so we got to enjoy magicians and fire tribe folks on our way back.


Jeremie said...

Hi - girl scout zombie here...I agree that we really had nothing to do once we reached the end of Beal. That was a little weird.
This was my first Zombie Walk and I have to say I will be doing it every year from now on. My other g-scout friend and I had so much fun!!! Everyone should do this at least once!

alan r said...

waldo zombie here. my second year, and I had a blast! With there was something to do at the end tho.

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