Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fantasy To Do List

I don't usually do memes, but I couldn't resist the challenge to create a fantasy to do list.

My list:

1. Learn to cook
2. Run a 10K/half-marathon/marathon, maybe do a triathalon
3. Climb a big mountain of Warren's choosing
4. Retire early
5. Get paid to travel and eat like the Sterns
6. Grow up to be an old woman with a 130 babies
7. Get published in Brain, Child or the Sun Magazine (NYT would be fine too.)
8. Have a six pack (abs not Budwesier!)
9. Go to Japan; Go back to Israel and Cameroon with the rest of Team Oster
10. Be on the Food Network in some capacity (Judge on Top Chef would do)
11. Eat at one of Rick Bayliss' restaurants in Chicago
12. Help Warren open a restaurant/sushi food cart
13. Make Overton Park a State Natural Area/witness the Zoo remove the fence around the 17 acres
14. Visit Portland, Oregon in the next few years
15. Learn Photoshop
16. Become a fabulous dresser

Geez, see any themes here? I'll hopefully be marking these off one by one! I'll definitely be adding.

1 comment:

Hope said...

#16 has me speechless. I think I might cry.

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