Monday, June 14, 2010


When we went to play Putt Putt a few weeks ago, I couldn't help thinking of our visit three years earlier. I went back and found the pictures. Look at what a difference three years makes!

On Friday we went to Peabody Park, aka "The Blue Playground," and I really got nostalgic. We used to go there every weekend, but since moving just a few blocks away three years ago, we switched playgrounds. Now we most often go to the "Red Playground" in Overton Park.

I had to go deep into the archives to find these pictures. Jiro always LOVED the sprayground. Apparently he still does!

And finally, my little monkey Satchel. I remember being so scared when he tried going up that curved ladder. I was convinced he'd seriously hurt himself because a little girl we know fell off and broke her leg. (You can see Warren spotting him in the background.)

Nowadays Satchel is so agile, I hardly ever give a second thought to him crawling all over everything.

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