Friday, June 18, 2010

Junkyard Camp

The monkeys spent the week on Broad Avenue at the Junkyard Camp led by Donald Knaack, aka "Mr. Junkman." Over the course of five days they learned to keep a beat, play a series of percussion "songs," and help construct three unique sound structures. Yep beating on things, painting, using power tools=the world's most awesome camp ever. The kids had a blast. Everything was recycled and there was an overall environmental theme to the camp as well.

Today Warren and I got to go see them perform and we even got to play ourselves. I also went in the afternoon to see the older group perform...and play a little more myself!

The Junkman and one of his sound sculptures will be at the Rock-n-Romp tomorrow at Mud Island from 2-5pm, so come on out!

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