Wednesday, June 23, 2010


In the summertime, Team Oster develops a bit of a TCBY habit due to the store's proximity to the JCC pool. On a walk through the forest on Sunday morning, we were discussing our plan to take advantage of the free Father's Day cone when I mentioned that a TCBY was opening on Union soon near the "shoe store" (Outdoors, Inc.). Satchel seemed really excited to have one so close, but then he quickly re-decided that Union wasn't close enough. He said, "I want a TCBY..." As he tried to think of a close location, I suggested that he "build" one near his school. He thought about it for a second and then said, "My school is in a neighborhood! TCBY needs to be in a town with other stores."

Sorry, but that just made me happy. Then we agreed that Broad Avenue would be a good spot, and that a locally grown ice cream/frozen yogurt/popsicle shop would be best.

Speaking of the free yogurt, we pondered whether moms got free yogurt in May. (The pool isn't open on Mother's Day so we don't know.) Then Satchel asked when he and Jiro got free yogurt. I'm assuming he meant a "Kids eat free" day. Warren replied, "You and Jiro are free everyday."

Satchel did not pick up on the sarcasm. Instead he chose to tease that I would be the only person who had to pay for her frozen yogurt on Sunday.

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Southern Girl said...

Yes, moms get free cones at TCBY on Mother's Day.

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