Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

We rolled into Folsom, just outside of Sacramento, where Warren's oldest brother and his family live, at 11pm. We actually ate dinner on the road and the monkeys were again asleep, but once they heard their cousins' voices they woke up. They only had one request of Uncle Neal and that was to go fishing the next day. My one request was that we didn't go at 6am.

After a good night's sleep, we headed up to Caples Lake near Lake Tahoe around noon. It was beautiful, and again mostly snow melt, so we didn't even try to swim.

Neal helped everyone get their poles set up. Rather than repeatedly casting, they just set the poles in the ground with bells on them.

Literally three minutes later, Jiro's bell rang. (He had just told me he was bored and was lobbying for his DS.) He ran over and reeled in his first ever fish, which also happened to be the largest trout that Neal had ever seen anyone catch on that lake. Everyone was excited and couldn't help saying things like, "Dang! Look how big that fish is!"

A few minutes later Satchel caught a much smaller, but very respectably sized rainbow trout.

Cousin Ali also caught a fish and then there was a bit of a lull so all the kids ran off to play.

They all get along great which was nice and made for a lovely afternoon.

Satchel and Ali both caught another fish each and at the end of the day we had five to take home, and planned to grill the monster ASAP.

Back home, Neal grilled 500 burgers, 600 hot dogs, 700 pieces of pork, and 800 steaks.

The kids stayed busy jumping on the trampoline.

Then finally, Warren grilled up Jiro's fish, which was delicious.

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