Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Wine, Apps, & Butterfly Bandages

On Saturday, I was invited to judge the appetizer contest at the SRVS Auction and Wine Tasting fundraiser. Let's just say that events like these (and parties like we had the night before) are why I will never be thin.

I tasted appetizers from twelve restaurants in about an hour, compared notes with the two other judges, and then decided on first, second, and third place. If that wasn't challenging enough, my date (the fab Aimee Lewis) and I took it upon ourselves to sample several of the hundreds of wines available.

I had to balance several dishes at once, take notes, snap pictures (to supplement my notes), squeeze through throngs of people, and chit chat all while wearing heels!

Here's a peek at some of what we tasted. Want to guess which one won?

Meanwhile, Warren and the kids were running errands. Well, Jiro was actually just running into things. As I left the fundraiser, I received this photo in a text from Warren:

Thankfully, it was quickly followed by this photo, which I quickly discerned was taken from my bathroom at home and not the E.R.

Poor Jiro. He is a pizza face, but I love him.

On a side note--anyone know how we can score a tube of the glue they use to seal wounds in the E.R.? You know, for future incidents. Just in case.


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Great to meet you this past weekend and the staff appreciates your vote.

Stephanie said...

Did the Petit Petit and the app on the top row win your votes?

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