Friday, November 19, 2010

Bikes on Broad

Last night I went shopping for all of the things my Facebook friends told me I should get to decorate bikes with for Saturday's Broad Avenue Biker Babe Parade. I totally scored at the Dollar Tree, but narrowly escaped getting involved in a dispute between a customer and a cashier. It quickly escalated into the customer attempting to run over the cashier in the parking lot! (The cashier was on the phone with the police at the time, had already given the license plate number, and was in sight of several witnesses.) After the customer took off, the cashier came back in unharmed, and I continued my shopping elsewhere.

The Biker Babe parade will be exciting, but on a completely different level! The entire street (Broad Avenue) is getting a facelift today and tomorrow. I can hardly wait. (I wrote about it in my column yesterday, Dream of building a better block is at hand.) There's been a ton of press and buzz about the event, so I won't hammer it over your head anymore.

I just want to invite you and your kids to join the bike parade tomorrow! We'll have the decoration station set up at 10am, and the parade starts at 11am near Hollywood. Steve Cohen will lead us down to Collins which should only take 15-20 minutes, tops. Trillium Womancare will have free hot chocolate and clean restrooms for everyone to use at the end.

Come early and stay late--there's lots going on. Team Oster is very interested in the pop-up Skate Park and the Happiness Store. Even if you miss the parade, there will be tons to do and see (and eat)! If you see us, be sure and say hi!

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