Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giggle Giggle Quack

On Tuesday, Warren and I took the monkeys to see Giggle Giggle Quack, the latest installment of the Orpheum's family series. The monkeys LOVE going to the Orpheum.

We were invited to have dinner in the Pat Halloran Lounge, which was super fun. There was pizza, juice boxes, and ice cream sandwiches--the monkeys' dream meal.

Outside they had a petting zoo. (The play is about a farm if you didn't guess from the title.) There were little donkeys ponies?

Bunny rabbits...


and Guinea pigs. (One of them pooped on me!)

They also had a llama and a little pig, but the boys didn't want a picture with them. Inside were the famous Peabody ducks. Satchel was SO excited to see the ducks! After Aida, I think he thought that they were going to be in the play, but they were just hanging out.

I thought they might march down the aisle, but it was probably too crowded and crazy.

The place was packed with families, which was awesome. I think the fact that most children were out of school on Wednesday helped increase the attendance.

The play was cute, not the cutest we've seen, but cute enough. With so many kids in the theater it got a little rowdy at times with some extra screeching and crying, but I kind of loved it.

Thank you Orpheum for having special nights just for us! If you want to check out a future show, check out the schedule here.

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