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As I mentioned, I left the New Face for an Old Broad event midday Saturday because it was Ravioli Day at the Alley-Browns. This marked our fifth year making ravioli with them. (Each year they make 50 dozen to get them through Thanksgiving with the entire Zanone clan.) It's one of my favorite activities because it involves 1) food, 2) lots of my friends, 3) the monkeys, 4) alcohol, and 5) relaxing.

Before I started hanging out with asians, and later marrying one, I was all about eating pizza and pasta. (My diet is mostly rice based now.) However, I don't think I ever had real ravioli until I was first invited over in 2006 to help make the 50 dozen.

Here's how it works. Kristy and Andria spend most of the day making the filling and the gravy (also known as sauce) so that everything is ready to go when we arrive. Richard makes the dough, rolls it out, and then doles it out to whoever is ready.


Then Elizabeth, who has already confirmed that you have washed your hands, watches closely as you get the filling and place just the right amount of it neatly on the dough.


She really watches closely when the fillers are under the age of 10. Here she suggested that Jiro cut the dough in half so it would be easier to fold.


The folding is VERY important.


Once it's folded, you have to smoosh it down around the filling so that there are no bubbles. Then you fork the middle to let extra air out.


Finally, you cut them out and make the edges look pretty (and secure) with a fork.


Kristy comes through every so often and loads the finished ones on pans so that she can freeze them. When we hit our quota, we start making our reward for the day--dinner.


It's SO good, and so hard not to stuff yourself.

I think my favorite part this year was when we insisted that the guys dismantle the pasta roller so it would stop squeaking. Once they took it apart, it still squeaked, so Stephanie had to go home and get hers. Meanwhile, we all stood around in the kitchen dipping baguette pieces in the huge vat of gravy.


A few other observations...

1. Satchel stayed as far away from the ravioli making as possible. He only has eyes for Joshua.

2. I forgot to bring a cute apron again. (Probably because I do not own one.)

3. Warren didn't attend due to sickness. He has only made it to ravioli day one time in the 5 years that we have been invited.

4. GK is taking after her Aunt Elizabeth.


5. Chip's pictures get better every year! (See his full set here.)

Thanks as always to the Alley-Browns for including us!

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Sassy Molassy said...

Just to give credit where credit is due, Richard actually made the gravy all by himself, as he usually does, and he and Andria made the filling about 98% without me this year because I was making and delivering snowflakes for Melissa's Happiness store on Broad. (Also, Thanksgiving is mainly attended by Fachinis and their descendents, but it is the Zanone recipe, and the 50 dozen or so generally last for a year. Just so you know.)

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