Thursday, December 02, 2010

Mr. Oster Update

Tuesday was Mr. Oster's last day of student teaching. He's been at Springdale Elementary in Frayser working with Ms. Dorsey's 5th grade class for the last eight weeks. Ms. Dorsey pretty much let Warren take over the class so he got a real taste of what his future will be like. He definitely seemed to enjoy the fifth graders. With his kindergarten assignment he had to do a lot of crowd control. With this assignment, he actually felt like he was teaching.

I got to meet Ms. Dorsey and the class a few weeks ago when I was a judge at the Think! Show! They were all really sweet. I can't wait to meet Mr. Oster's own class someday. (Probably next fall.)

They had a party for him on Monday, and the boys and I helped him put together goodie bags to give out to everyone. They couldn't all fit in one picture, so there are several.

Congrats to Mr. Oster on another successful tour of duty!


Lone Star Ma said...


Sassy Molassy said...

Awesome! Plenty of jobs open up at Semester. I've come into the system three separate times after Christmas.

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