Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Saturday was also the season finale of Rock-n-Romp. Due to my participation in the half marathon, I relieved myself of any official duties. When I went and sat down next to my friend, Amy, she looked at me and said, "Are you really going to sit down and hang out with me?" Naomi came over and we soon had a CPOP quorum! (We did not, however, conduct any official business.)


I always enjoy Rock-n-Romp, but getting to just hang out and enjoy the show was amazing. Thanks to all of the board members and volunteers who made it possible! For a full recap of the awesomeness that went on, hop over to the Rock-n-Romp blog.

(There were no pictures of Satchel or Jiro taken because they were in a constantly moving pack of young boys. Although now that I think of it, he was hiding behind the sofa during this shot. He was engrossed in a game of hide and seek.)

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