Sunday, January 30, 2011

Greenlaw Skateboard Competition

Yesterday, I took the monkeys to the Greenlaw Community Center to check out the skateboard competition. There's a halfpipe inside the center, which is run by Memphis Athletic Ministries.


See that blur in front of the orange wall? That's LeVayda VanNockay. She was awesome and one of the kids who takes advantage of the skateboarding program at the center.


You know who else was awesome? Doran Shafer, 5, son of Aaron Shafer. Aaron is responsible for getting the upcoming skatepark built in Tobey Park.

(Stolen from the CA's site.)

The competition lasted three hours and featured kids of all ages and skill levels. Outside they had some ramps and other things set up for the kids (and adults) to play on. This trailer will be able to transport ramps to Memphis neighborhoods without skate facilities, thanks in part to the GiVE 365 grant awarded Splinter Youth, the skate program run by MAM youth coordinator, Mark Jannetta.


Jiro tested out this cool gizmo one of the skater guys created. I have high hopes that having a real, live skatepark nearby will get him interested in actually skateboarding. (The Tobey skateboard park is breaking ground in March and should be completed by fall.)


Throughout the afternoon the kids watched the skateboarders, played on the playground, shot hoops in the gym, played foosball in the rec room, and generally had a great time.

Aaron told me that the halfpipe is open to the public after 6pm during the week and on Saturday mornings. I have a feeling that the fun at the center we had yesterday is just the tip of the iceberg.

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