Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pod People

Satchel and Jiro got iPods for Christmas and now their lives are complete. (Just kidding, sort of.)

It's been interesting to see how they use them. As I write this they are circling me, sending multiple FaceTime requests, texting me from under the bed ("Hi")...and generally just annoying me.

When they first got them, they played music and wore headphones and it was nice and quiet. Then they started making videos. Then they started playing every game they could find. (They have an insatiable appetite for free apps. Thankfully 8G only goes so far.) Then it was playing hide and go seek with FaceTime. Now it seems everything that they want to do now involves a lot of noise--like the Atomic Fart app. They also like apps like Fat Face and Fat Mouth, for obvious reasons. (I haven't quite figured out why they like the talking animal apps so much, although the talking Obama app is cute.)

Having the iPods has also been educational--for us all. Every so often Satchel comes over and teaches me how to do something on my phone, which I appreciate. (Ask me how to do a screen shot.) And he even figured out how to turn their iPods into phones with a free texting app with voice. And I have to say that the texting and app searching actually helps their spelling and reading.

So far they've taken great care of them and dutifully follow the rules we have set up (i.e. No school, no restaurants, no unauthorized purchases, etc.). They know that they are extremely lucky to have iPods and that if they get lost or broken, they will not be replaced.

The monkeys are actually showing a lot of responsibility, which is pretty awesome.

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Chip Chockley said...

Have you considered plastic surgery?

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