Sunday, March 27, 2011

Banbury Woods

Despite being a little on the chilly side, we decided to spend the afternoon over at Banbury Woods. Scott thought everyone would enjoy canoeing on the flooded creek, but that was just one of the opportunities for adventure.

Warren (and a few other dudes blessed with upper body strength) shimmied up this rope.


Satchel and Jiro spent most of the day swinging on a different rope.

Until Jiro discovered the skateboard. We own plenty of skateboards, but he hasn't ever shown much interest. I guess the Banburys' sloped driveway inspired him. When he first attempted to ride down standing up, I thought for sure he was destined to injure himself, but amazingly, he did pretty well.

He kept going back up and back down. He had a few spills, but he kept getting back up. It was pretty awesome. After a half hour or so he had a small group of admirers watching him go, none of whom could believe this was the first time he stood up on a skateboard.

We've been trying for years to get him to ride a bike--the hitch hiker may have ruined him--and I was actually starting to think he lacked balance, but today changed my mind.

"I think I'll just skateboard instead of ride a bike," he said as he zipped past me up the driveway.

Amy noted that his worn in Vans and skinny jeans made him extra legit.

I think we need to take another road trip to the Oxford skatepark.

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