Friday, March 25, 2011

Evergreen Montessori Outdoors Club

For Warren's final semester of school, he has to implement a six week teaching project at a school. Since he did his student teaching last semester, he opted to do a project at Evergreen.

The Outdoors Club had their first meeting yesterday in Overton Park. I stopped by on my way home to see what they were up to.

They measured out ten meters on the road and then took turns pacing to see how many paces equaled ten meters. Then they measured the distance between other things, just using paces (and math).

I was really impressed to see how into it the kids were and how effective Mr. Oster is as a teacher. I even learned a few things!

Next week, the club is going to practice using compasses. Their goal is to be able to do a scavenger hunt in the forest at the end of the six weeks.

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Shannon said...

that sounds great. yay, warren!

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