Thursday, April 21, 2011


Today my baby boy somehow turned NINE. I've kind of been mad at all of those people who said "It goes by so fast" all day just because it turns out that they were right. Dang.

Satchel has the world's best laugh, he's crazy smart, and he's naturally good at just about everything.

We started his big day off with a Paul Bunyun breakfast.

Then I took an ice cream cake to school and had lunch with him. There was no walking around the sun or a timeline or anything like that since Satchel decided he didn't want to do it this year. he did humor me and let his class read "On the Day You Were Born."

After school it was Sekisui with my mom, and niece, and then off to the best store in the whole world for his presents.

He's just so BIG.

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