Saturday, April 16, 2011

Satchel's Early Bday Sleepover

In lieu of a big party this year, both monkeys opted for low key sleepovers and expensive electronics for their birthdays. Satchel's *cough* low key sleepover was last night at Bridges' Climb Night.

He invited a friend from school, Theo, a friend from the neighborhood, Jason, and a family friend/former schoolmate, Ian. Jiro, who has no interest in the climbing wall, smartly got an invite to go see Rio, eat ice cream, and sleepover with his best buddies, Enrique and Santi.

Theo's sister was also having her birthday party at Bridges, so there were a lot of kids we knew there. The boys were super excited about climbing--most of them anyways--and got geared up right away.

Satchel and Theo had both climbed twice before, so it was no surprise that they did great from the start. Jason, who had never been before, seemed like a natural.

Personally, I got the most enjoyment from watching Warren, who not only wore his special exercise sweat pants, but dug out his old climbing shoes and gear from the garage.

Let's take a closer look at those sweet shoes.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of his chalk ball. But in all seriousness, I shouldn't tease too much because Warren made it to the top of every section of the wall and made it look easy. There was a line of people asking him for chalk by the end of the night!

Poor Ian was pretty bored during the rock climbing, but we made it up to him by going to YoLo afterwards. The boys had worked up quite an appetite.

It was clear that YoLo wasn't going to be enough for this crew, so on the way home I picked up some pizza and wings for them to enjoy while playing games and running around.

Once they were fed, I left Warren in charge since I had to get up early and work today. There were all awake at 7:30am when I left. Last I heard everyone was eating donuts* and shooting BB guns in the backyard.

*Parents of the children involved in this sleepover--I apologize for the copious amounts of sugar involved!

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