Friday, June 03, 2011

Camp Report, Week 1

I went a little crazy signing the kids up for camp this summer. Now that they are 7 and 9, it seemed that the sky was the limit!

They spent this week with Kristi Duckworth at her Garden Path Studio.

When I picked them up on Monday they were covered in clay and happy as can be.

They spent most of the day playing on the pottery wheel. They each gave me a demonstration.

"Ms. Kristi" is amazingly patient and kind. Her studio is awesome and completely decked out with every art supply imaginable. Frankly, I would have liked to spend the week there making art! (Hint, hint. When is the mamas art camp?)

When I picked them up yesterday, they showed me some more things that they've been working on.

Satchel hadn't finished his painting, but I could see where it was headed.

They were super excited about their wooden stamps. They got to use knives!

Jiro was thrilled that his two best buddies were also enrolled in the camp. Satchel made some new friends, which was one of my hopes for him this summer. And they got to know a few kids that they already kind of knew from Taekwondo and Rock-n-Romp a little better.

Earlier in the week there was some talk about letting the campers paint the outside of Ms. Kristi's studio. They had recess each day in "graffiti alley" to inspire them! When Warren picked them up, they showed off their handiwork. (You can sort of see it behind them!)

They brought their portfolios home full of cool stuff that they made. I was especially thrilled that Satchel finally got to make a robot from found objects. He's been wanting to do it ever since we met Anthony Pack at River Arts Fest a couple of years ago.

I wish Kristi was doing a camp all summer long, because the boys loved it!

Check her out on Facebook to stay up to date on her projects.

Thanks for a great week, Kristi!

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