Saturday, June 18, 2011

Camp Report, Week 3

Last week the monkeys attended Harry Potter Camp in the morning and LEGO Camp in the afternoon at GSL. They grumbled a bit in the beginning ("We don't care about Harry Potter"), but once they got there, they loved it. The teacher read to them from the books, they watched some of the movies, they did Harry Potter activities, talked about their favorite characters, and even made magic wands.

But nothing could compare to LEGO Camp. Basically they had their pick of LEGO sets and spent all afternoon building them. They could work together or in groups.

There were plenty of sets they had never seen before, so there was no chance of them being bored. On Wednesday, they happily showed me what they were working on, and by Friday's open house there were several masterpieces to show off.

They were also both very impressed with the LEGO board games. Soccer was the clear favorite.

I was surprised that there were wasn't a stash of regular LEGOS for them to build from their imaginations, but maybe that would be too wild?

Both of these camps were almost all boys their age, so they had a blast and made lots of new friends. The only downside is that they now want me to buy them lots of new LEGO sets.

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