Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taekwondo Fix

I've skipped several testing cycles and been lax in reporting the monkeys' quick progress in Taekwondo. While I was in New York, they completed another testing cycle. Warren was nice enough to document the experience, so I am sharing here.

Jiro was testing for his Blue Belt, which requires sparring. I have to tell you that seeing Jiro spar is one of the cutest things on the planet. At one practice last week, he accidentally knocked down his sparring partner. He paused and helped his partner up. The partner, however, used one hand to be assisted in getting up and the other to punch Jiro in the face. Hilarious.

Satchel, who is now testing for his high rank Blue Belt, had to break a board with his foot. He later told me that he accidentally broke it on his practice strike.

Here they are looking very handsome proud of themselves.

Originally we had planned to send them to a week long Taekwondo camp this week, but since it is a sleep away camp, they got cold feet before I pulled the trigger. I didn't tell them, but I was glad they changed their minds. I don't think I could stand to have them gone for a whole week yet!

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