Thursday, July 14, 2011

Between the Lines

Ok this is the final vacation related post. I just wanted to share a few shots that didn't make their way into the official recaps.

Here Satchel and Jiro sulk while simultaneously eating hard boiled eggs. We were on Mt. Tom and Jiro had just attacked Satchel out of nowhere. Jiro (and sometimes Miles too) took great joy in messing with Satchel. He did his best to stay cool, but as the days wore on, his fuse got shorter and shorter.


Satch often escaped to our room to get some alone time. He needed to not be picked on and he needed to study You Tube videos of his favorite video game so that when he returned to the land of XBox he could dominate. Several times he told me that he was "XBox sick."


The kids found no shortage of things to fight over, but there were also times that they happily--and quietly--played together. Miles and Tasha are big fans of hanging out in their undies, and so Jiro naturally followed along.


And the boys also had some bonding of their own. Miles isn't really into games yet, but I have a feeling it's just a matter of time now that he's been corrupted by the monkeys. (Please note how they are all dressed the same!)


Tasha absolutely loves Satchel in a way that she does not love the rest of us. Our first few days there she could be heard saying, "Where's Satchel? I want to wrap around him." We all thought it was cute, especially when she started calling him Satchely. He probably didn't think it was as cute as the rest of us, but he tried to be nice about it.


Tasha and Jiro also had a few moments of bonding. They were both big fans of Vanessa's homemade granola and could often be found enjoying a late night snack together.


And there were even some cute Tasha and Warren moments. (Hey, maybe it's just me that she doesn't like??)


Despite the bickering and minor disputes, I think it was really great for us all to get to spend so much time together.

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