Sunday, July 10, 2011


On day seven, we headed back to Easthampton to hike Mt. Tom with some other friends of Liz & Vanessa's. Since it was going to be a bit challenging, Tasha opted to go to school.


There were some great views of the area.


The highlight of the hike was climbing up an old tower to get the best possible view.


It was a lovely way to start off the day. Once we made it back down, we headed into downtown Easthampton for lunch at a cute Mexican place and ice cream at the BEST ICE CREAM STORE IN THE WORLD.

Then we went to pick up Liz and Vanessa's CSA share. Unlike here where you get your share at the Farmer's Market, they actually go to the farm since it is relatively close.


They have several fields of "U pick" including flowers, herbs, and berries. Then inside a small "store" you collect your share of veggies for the week. A sign instructs you on what to get.


Inside the store there are also a smattering of other local goods including milk and cheeses to supplement the CSA. Outside, there is a small play area for kids and chairs for visitors to sit in and relax.


It totally had the laidback vibe of Whitton Farms and the hustle and bustle of the Memphis Farmer's Market. Both Liz and Vanessa saw people they knew and in general it was a lovely place to spend time. The farm is open Monday-Friday and CSA holders can come any day they like. I love it!


After collecting the week's bounty, we picked up Tasha at school and took a tour. We'd visited Miles' school earlier in the week and it's great for us to be able to picture them in their learning environments now.

Still tired from the beach and various other activities, we went home. Vanessa made dinner for everyone and then we crashed.

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