Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Conjuring cats

I noticed this cat in the yard this morning. It had a collar so I thought it was safe to alert Satchel to its existence. He spent most of the morning trying to get her to come to him, but wasn't successful.

Oddly enough, when I got to work there was a tiny kitten stuck in a tree near our parking lot. I really almost got back in my car, and then to get Satchel so he could climb the tree. There was a woman already trying to get it down, so I just went to work instead.

This afternoon the first cat was back and ready to be Satchel's best friend.

"Can I feed her?"

"Can I give her some water?"

"Can she come inside?"

"Can we name her?"

So far the answer has been no, no, no, no. But I think we are ready for a cat again. I told the kids I wanted one to adopt us, like Olive adopted me all of those years ago, so who knows. The cat's collar is just a cheapo flea collar so maybe whoever has been feeding her hasn't committed to keeping her forever. If they have then we can just visit with her in the yard, which might actually be the best way to have a pet.

However, if a tiny black kitten appeared, I would definitely let it in and feed it.

I remember when Tracey and I were cat crazy as kids. Our mom picked us up from soccer practice one night and she had a kitten in the backseat. It was SO exciting! We named that cat Putze Tutz and he was awesome. He even sucked his "thumb."

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