Saturday, September 03, 2011

Of Note

So I failed to say anything about last week's amazing Rock-n-Romp at Mnglewood Hall. Luckily Chip covered it over on the Rock-n-Romp blog. It was our biggest show ever, which was crazy. I actually fretted all day Saturday about not getting a good crowd on Sunday. Shows what I know! The kids had a blast and so did the parents, including my mom and Warren's dad. How cute are they?

I should add that this conversation took place during El Dorado and the Ruckus's set.

Once we were done with the clean up, we promised the monkeys we could go to the cereal bar at Revive. It's one of Jiro's all time favorite places to eat. Warren's dad surprised me by bypassing the cereal for the oxygen. He tried to get my mom to do it too, but she passed. So Warren joined him. Jiro really wanted to do the oxygen too, but I told him he had to be eighteen. Turns out there is no real age limit. Shh!

Oji headed back to California on Tuesday and we resumed our normal day to day activities. Jiro was ambassador at school last week, so I did quite a bit of cooking, which is unusual. I made blueberry muffins, banana muffins, and strawberry cream popsicles. Jiro loves making muffins because I let him lick the bowl. (This was not posed!)

Warren also got crafty this week. He's been dying to use our zombie brain gelatin mold since we bought it three years ago! The kids are going to dissect sheep brains at school soon, so he decided to get them in the mood.


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