Monday, October 17, 2011


I failed to do my take on our last eaTABLE, although others certainly picked up the slack! (Thanks Chris, Bianca, and Justin!)

Justin Fox Burks, aka The Chubby Vegetarian, was our chef, and since our host, Chris Reyes, is vegan, so was our menu. I had been watching Justin's blog in anticipation of our meal, assuming he'd be trying out a few menu items. I was super psyched when the first course was Indian Nachos. I was so psyched I ate them all up without even snapping a picture!

I did get the first actual sit down course, though. The Brussel Sprout Salad with a smoked sun-dried tomato vinaigrette was awesome. I had tried it myself after seeing the recipe on his blog, but I hadn't tried the vinaigrette. The smoky flavor made it taste like the salad had bacon on it.

Next we had black rice and veggies topped with a seared "scallop" made from a mushroom. It was a great visual trick and the flavor was surreal.

240. Justin's scallops at eaTABLE

The panelle sliders were really fun, but it was the pickles that we all went crazy for. I loves pickled beets.

The sweet potato tamales were out of this world. The wild mushroom duxelles totally gave each bite the sensation of pulled pork.

And we absolutely devoured the spicy pumpkin and salted chocolate crispy treats for dessert.

241. Amy's crispy treats at eaTABLE

Justin totally knocked it out of the park. He's the reason that eaTABLE got off the ground two years ago and I hope that he will continue to come back and surprise us with amazing meatless meals.

Justin was assisted by his wife, Amy, and Chris Hawkins, who is best known as the creator of R. P. Tracks' bbq tofu nachos. You can now find Chris--and the nachos--at 3 Angels Diner.

And the dinner couldn't have been in a better spot. Dining in Chris's loft was like dining in another city. It was really fun being in the heart of downtown. The fact that we could climb on the roof was see everything made it even better.

Thanks to everyone involved for another successful meal!

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