Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Action

We started Christmas Eve off with a nice hike through the Old Forest with our friends from Team Provencio.

Then we went to Studio on the Square to see the latest Sherlock Holmes movie. (It was awesome. Robert Downey represents Wing Chun quite well.)

That evening we went to my mom's house for some present opening. This is the second year that we've just gotten gifts for the kids. I don't mind not having a lot of presents for myself, and I really like not having to do a lot of shopping. We mostly try to enjoy each other's company.

Satchel and Jiro's big gifts this year were skateboards, scooters, and a keyboard. The keyboard was a surprise, and Satchel couldn't wait to play it.

Once the kids had enough time to love on their gifts, we all headed out for some Chinese food. After dinner, Satchel convinced us to play his new board game, Life.

I don't know what asshole decided to make it even more complicated than it was twenty years ago, but it is anything but fun now. Thankfully we all agreed to quit after about thirty minutes.

Back home we had much more fun playing Jiro's new Connect Four game. Well, I had fun. I beat everyone!

Christmas morning we all woke up early to go deliver meals for MIFA. It's our third year doing it so I guess that makes it a tradition.

It's the one day of the year that I let the monkeys drink coffee and eat cookies for breakfast. It really puts them in the holiday spirit.

MIFA gets a lot of volunteers on Christmas, so our route usually takes an hour or less. Each house gets a hot meal and a gift bag.

When we were done, I was ready for a real breakfast, but the boys were dying to go to the skatepark and try out their new gear. I was out voted, but I didn't complain. I love hanging at the skatepark.

My guys are so cute.

After an hour and a half, I finally convinced them to take me to breakfast. CKs is where we go because it's pretty much the only place open. I was so excited to try the new donut burger! Unfortunately we went to the one on Union and they looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to order one. It was sad not getting to eat one, but I am looking at it as a blessing in disguise.

While at breakfast I got a call about an impromptu CPOP meeting at the Beauty Shop, so I got to pop over for a couple of mimosas. I think that next year we will have to go there instead of CKs!

I rejoined the family, took a 15 minute nap, and then rallied for an afternoon movie with Warren and my mom. (The kids went to Aunt Leslie's house.) We saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I loved it. I'm definitely reading the books now...and dreaming of running off with Daniel Craig.

After the movie, we went to Leslie's house for a turkey dinner and a nap on the couch. The boys had a blast introducing their cousin Scarlett to the wonderful world of the 3DS.

All in all we had a lovely weekend. I hope that you did too!

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