Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Am I a cliche?

My fortieth birthday is looming and I've been taking a look at my life.

Today, I had to go see my accountant out near Collierville after my morning run and feeding/shuttling the kids to school. After our meeting, I decided to do a few errands on my way into work.

My first stop was Target for important items like wrinkle cream, La Croix, and really soft toilet paper. While there I had a phone conversation with my mom about whether or not Jiro reads this blog and whether I should maybe take down the gay reference in my last post.

Next I went to the Cosmic Coconut for some dehydrated kale chips, a Go Green juice, and a chat with the super awesome owner, Ashley. We made plans to go out soon and get in trouble.

From there it was pretty impossible not to go to Whole Foods for some essentials like Akmak crackers and some sushi to go. I saw a friend there and had a few laughs about the Rock-n-Romp adults only party we held last Saturday.

Then I went by the house to put away my purchases. I left a container of Kale chips on the counter for Warren as a surprise, because I try to be sweet sometimes. (Shhh!)

My last stop was UT. I need to join their gym since that's where we'll be doing the swim training for the Memphis in May Triathlon. Only I couldn't quite figure out where to go. So I decided to just join in the morning before Ashley & I go for our first swim. (She can show me where to go.)

After work, I hope to make it to a yoga class before I pick up the kids from Taekwondo. I'll make sure they get dinner and a bath, then I'll go meet my besties for our usual Tuesday night drinks. While out, I'll practice my monologue on them for Thursday's Memphis Monologues fundraiser for Planned Parenthood.

A nice day, right? Nice life, right? Then why does typing it all out like that make me want to barf? Who is this person?

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