Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rock-n-Romp Camp, Week 1

The first week of Rock Camp went swimmingly. Lots of the monkeys' friends, and practically their entire soccer team, was in attendance, so they were thrilled.

In the mornings, they have a big meeting with everyone where they play games and watch a performance (usually by staff musicians). Then they go through a series of instrument classes--keyboard, guitar, bass, vocals, and drums.

Here's Jiro in keyboard class with Iain.


And here's Satchel playing...guitar? That's right, I can't distinguish a guitar from a bass.


They have a lunch break and when instrument classes are over, they go to band practice. Jiro's band, the 7 Brothers, was composed of 6 members of our soccer team. Ha! Here's a shot of them at the final showcase.


Cute, right? On the last day of camp, Jiro asked me, "Do you think Daddy would get his bass out of the garage so I could show him some stuff?"

Heck yeah!

Satchel's band was called Disco Lemonade and he played keyboards.


I guess I'm glad I let him keep his mop of hair.


There's video of Satchel's band, but I don't have it. Instead I will share the Skeletone's performance.

The final performances were amazing and I was once again blown away by what these kids could learn in a week!

Here's the big finish. They wanted to sign a Journey song.

A super special shout out to Warren, who was once again the co-director. He really worked hard! (And apparently learned to play keyboards!)


Stay tuned for scenes from Week 2!

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