Wednesday, June 06, 2012


This week the monkeys are at Rock-n-Romp Camp. Satchel has often asked me if he could have a VIP badge for Rock-n-Romp shows. When I explained that we didn't make badges for the shows, he asked how everyone knew that I was an important person. I explained that everyone did not in fact know or think that I was important and that it didn't matter. Regardless, he wanted something to show that he was my kid and that he was important. (Read: he wanted to be able to boss people around.)

At the set up for camp on Sunday, Satchel asked the camp director, Kate, if he could have a VIP badge for camp since everyone would indeed being wearing badges. Because Kate is awesome, she obliged him.


And Jiro.


Warren and I both gave the kids a talk about how being a VIP meant that they should behave and serve as leaders and set a good example for the other kids. Of course that took all of the fun out of being a VIP, but still.

As far as I know they are having a great time this week, and hopefully behaving.

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