Monday, September 17, 2012


On Saturday, both Satchel and Jiro had soccer the same exact time. Across town from each other.

Obviously, I had to attend Jiro's game, since I am one of the coaches. We played Christ the King, Team 2 on their field.

Our league rules state that we play 6v6. We have 14 players. Christ the King had 5. (Which begs the question, why do they have two teams?) They borrowed a kid or two and got up to 7. I felt good about our odds based on numbers alone, but I think having 7 is probably easier than having 14.

Coach Carlos gave everyone a pep talk before the game and showed off his fancy new dry erase board.


CTK scored on us almost immediately, but we did not let it get us down. Everyone played really hard and worked together and by half time we were up 2-1. The second half was even more fast paced, and CTK got a little dirty. Our players were being tripped left and right. We had the ball on their end of the field for most of the half, but since their entire team was clogging the goal, it was hard to get a shot in.

In the final few minutes of the game, they got a breakaway and very nearly scored on us. William made a great save and Q had his own breakaway. He was tripped right in the penalty box and told "Merry Christmas" by the player who tripped him! But before the ref could call the foul, Lily shot the ball in the goal. Two seconds later (and technically a minute early, because I was keeping track!) the game was called. Mean Green won 3-1!

It was very exciting and I was really proud of all of our players. And not to be too biased, but my Jiro is a beast on the field. I have never seen him play harder or better than he did on Saturday. Carlos put him on defense and it was amazing to watch him steal the ball, make saves, pass, move the ball up field, and run, run, run. He's aggressive, but not dirty, and he gives 100% on the field. All of the headaches he has given me over practice have been worth it. He's just SO good.


Now, as for Satchel's game against Hope Presbyterian, my mom reported that it was a nail biter. They were tied 1-1 to until the last minute of the game when Second Presbyterian made a goal and won it 2-1. It was hard for me to get any information as to how Satchel played, but he came home happy so that was that. I was also happy to hear it was close. It's so much more exciting that way!

One of the dad's on Satchel's team made this awesome video on Saturday. Check it out!

Next Saturday is one of the few Saturdays that I will get to see both boys play. I can hardly wait.

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Madeleine Edwards said...

I was bummed that Ray did not get on your team since he loved playing with that group last season and you and Carlos did a great job coaching. But he is doing great on Bailey Leopard's team who is also awesome. Gotta love Evergreen all the way around! Good luck to you guys!

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