Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Model Citizens

Last Friday marked the 9 week awards ceremony at Snowden. When I saw this note on Jiro's report card, I got very excited.


A citizenship award sounded so very special! Especially for crazypants Jiro! I consulted with Steph, who is a longtime Snowden mom, and she brought me back to earth. "Pretty much every kid with good conduct grades gets a citizenship award," she told me. Furthermore, she warned me about setting a precedent of attending awards ceremonies. They are long, and separated by grades, so I could potentially blow an entire morning at the school.


However, Warren was off work and was happy to go. He asked Satchel if he should come to his ceremony too and Satchel said, "Nah."

In the end, Jiro not only got a citizenship award, but an art award too. Warren said only two kids got art awards, so it was pretty awesome. Satchel came home with three awards--honor roll, citizenship, and art!

Go Team!

And I already bragged about this on Facebook, but neither one of the monkeys had a single tardy. Considering the school starts at 7:30am and we used to be late every single day for our 9am Montessori school, this is a major accomplishment! Satchel said they were going to have a "No Tardy Party" which I thought should be for the parents, but whatever. Funny enough, it got postponed to this week because the awards ceremonies ran long.

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